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The team of experts with 20-year experience of work in the field of tool and associated materials’ market set the task to create a new brand which would fill the market gap, and also to offer the premium quality, attractive and outstanding design with a simple and resounding name which would speak for itself, with the prices staying within the limits required by the widest population of users.

Est. 2020        Worldwide Delivery

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Very good quality with very affordable price.

BLADE (English word for cutter), as the very name suggests, is the first association for the essential (most important) element that majority of tools and equipment contains. It is the most sensitive – working part we use to cut, pierce, grind, engrave, mark something etc.

Our first decision certainly was that only the manufacturers of professional tools and equipment could be considered. That’s how the BLADE project was conceived. The satisfaction of end users is our primary goal and our greatest recommendation. Read more.